Heating Bills Made Easy for Massachusetts Residents

It’s hard to believe the hottest time of the year is almost here in the Massachusetts South Shore area. Most people are thinking about staying cool as the weather heats up, but it’s important to plan ahead and consider opportunities that will help you save money each month on your heating fuel!

Add predictability to your heating bills this year. At Albert Culver, we offer an annual budget plan that’s customized specifically for your home comfort and overall energy usage levels.

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EasyPay Budget Plan Q&A

How are payments determined?

Each spring, we examine your average annual fuel usage and the current (often low) preseason price per gallon for oil. This allows us to estimate the total cost and total number of gallons you will use for the upcoming heating season. This projected cost is broken down into small payments and spread out over 12 months.

When will my budget plan begin?

Our 12-month plan begins in July and will end by April of the following year. Therefore, we give you a year of easy and reliable payments that keep your heating oil coming to you all year long!

What if I use less fuel than projected?

That’s even better! Any fuel surplus will be credited to your account for you to enjoy the following year—another reason our budget plan is perfect for individuals looking to offset some of their yearly costs.

What if I use more fuel than planned?

Not to worry – if you end up going over your estimated annual usage, you are simply billed at prevailing rates for the additional gallons.

Why should I enroll in a budget plan this year?

Instead of having higher-cost heating bills during the middle of winter, you now have the opportunity for more moderate bills, equally spaced throughout the year. With EasyPay, you’ll no longer be bothered by the burden of paying your winter heating bills within a few short months.

Contact Albert Culver to Enroll in a Budget Plan

Take advantage of Albert Culver’s EasyPay Budget Plan now and have a more reliable approach toward paying your heating fuel costs. Contact us today to sign up for our budget plan!