Top Winter Energy-Saving Tips for South Shore Residents

When the winter season is in full swing on the South Shore, saving money on home heating energy costs is at the top of everyone’s mind. At Albert Culver, we want to help keep you comfortable all season, so we’ve put together these best tips to help lower your heating costs and save you energy all season long. Keep reading to learn our industry-approved tips to get your home ready for the cold months ahead so that you can spend time celebrating with your loved ones, not worrying about energy bills!

Top 7 Ways to Reduce Your Winter Heating Costs on the South Shore

Saving energy and keeping your home warm this season can be as easy as taking a few extra steps to make your home more comfortable this winter heating season. Check out our easy, affordable, and cost-saving winter energy tips below.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Adding a programmable thermostat is another hands-free way to save energy. Simply program your thermostat to automatically lower the temperature during times that you are out of the house or asleep. This will conserve heating fuel and give your heating equipment a break.

Seal Drafts

Inspect common areas, like windows and doors, for drafts. Don’t let your valuable heating fuel go to waste! Add caulk or weather stripping to seal any leaks and prevent precious heat from escaping outdoors.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Did you know that one annual visit from your Albert Culver heating specialist can lower annual energy costs by 10%? A tune-up will help your heating system operate at peak efficiency, and routine maintenance greatly reduces the likelihood of a costly mid-season breakdown.

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Enroll in a Budget Plan and Use Price Protection

One of the best ways to ensure you can keep your heating costs down every winter season is to enroll in fuel budget plans. We divide your heating costs into smaller, easier-to-manage monthly payments over the year so you can worry less about paying high heating bills during the busy holiday season. Learn more about our EasyPay Budget Plan, and enroll for free!

Let the Light In

Open south-facing curtains during the daytime to let the natural sunlight warm your living space. This way, your heating equipment won’t have to work as hard. After the sun sets, close the curtains to keep the heat in and the evening air out.

Enroll in Automatic Fuel Delivery Services

With our automatic delivery program, we take care of delivering fuel when you need it, so you can take placing orders off your to-do list. Enrolling in our automatic delivery program is the easiest way to ensure you always have enough heating oil in your tank to keep you comfortable and safe each winter.

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Consider an Upgrade

Like any type of machinery, the capabilities of your heating system will decline over time. If your current equipment is 15 years or older, you can significantly lower your heating bills by upgrading to a high-efficiency model. High-efficiency heating systems operate more effectively and can save you money on repairs and service calls. Albert Culver can install, service, and maintain your new high-efficiency heating system!

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Trust Albert Culver for All Your Heating Needs

Knock these steps off your winter to-do list before holiday celebrations are in full swing! Albert Culver can help you with your fuel delivery, heating installations, and service on the South Shore. Contact us to learn more about saving energy or schedule a service.