How to Avoid a No-Heat Emergency This Winter

With winter right around the corner, temperatures are starting to dip here on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Making sure your home and family stay cozy and comfortable as well as safe is a top priority on everyone’s list throughout the winter. One of the worst things that could happen on a cold, winter night is the loss of heat. While no one likes to think about the possibility of unfortunate events, there are some things you can do to avoid a potential no-heat emergency. Keep reading this blog post from Albert Culver for a list of tips to keep your heat steady, reliable, and running this winter.

Top 5 Tips to Keep the Heat on This Winter Season

1. Get Your Heating Maintenance & Tune-Up:

Getting regular service on your heating system helps reduce the possibility of unexpected malfunctions and breakdowns throughout the winter. A busted and broken-down heater in the middle of a frigid night is the last thing anyone needs. Annual service will not only keep your heating system operating safely and efficiently, but it will cut down your energy expenses as well. Get in touch with us for an appointment today.

2. Sign Up for Automatic Oil Delivery:

We encourage all of our customers to enroll in automatic oil delivery! There is no reason not to—the advantages are all yours. Worry less about checking your tank, and take ordering and requesting deliveries off your to-do list for good. We deliver when you need fuel and monitor your fuel level for you.

3. Get an Oil Tank Monitor:

While automatic delivery is reliable and convenient, occasionally checking your fuel level is a good idea. Events such as temperatures dropping lower than expected and larger gatherings during the holidays can cause unpredictable increases in fuel use. With a tank monitor, you can check your fuel level on an app on your smart device. So easy.

4. Know What to Do if You Lose Heat:

Have a checklist ready in case you do lose heat. For example, check your tank to make sure you have fuel, and inspect your thermostat, circuit breaker, and emergency switches. Press the RESET button only once, and if you still do not have heat, give us a call.

5. Work with an Emergency Service HVAC Provider:

At Albert Culver, our customers with a heating service plan enjoy the dependability of 24/7 emergency service when they need it. Signing up for a service plan comes with plenty of other benefits like discounted parts and labor. You can learn more about our heating service plan here.

Get in Touch with Albert Culver

Albert Culver is proud to deliver fuel oil and provide heating services throughout the South Shore, MA area. We perform heating system installations and heating maintenance. Plus, we offer heating service plans to our customers to give them that peace of mind in case there is a no-heat emergency. To take advantage of any of these services, get in touch with us today. We look forward to working with you.